קָשַׁר(b. h.) (to strengthen, v. Gen. 30:41, sq. to join, knot, tie; to fold. Sabb.VII, 2 הקוֹשֵׁר והמתיר he that makes a knot or unties it. Y. ib. 10c שהיו קוֹשְׁרִיןוכ׳ they knotted the ropes (of the Tabernacle). Ib. נפסק היה קוֹשְׁרוֹ when a thread was broken (in weaving), one knotted it. Y.Gitt.VIII, end, 49d אפי׳ קושרוכ׳ even if he folds (the document) up, and then has it signed. Ib. בשקְשָׁרוֹ וחתמווכ׳ when he folded it and had it signed inside; a. fr.Trnsf. a) (cmp. חָרַז) to compose and arrange (a funeral song or eulogy). Y.Yoma I, 38b קָשְׁרוּ הספידו they arranged his eulogy. Lam. R. introd. (R. Joḥ. 1), v. מִסְפֵּד; a. fr.b) conceive, form an affection. Pesik. Bshallaḥ, p. 80a> הוא קושר לו אהבהוכ׳ he acquires love and affection for him; Gen. R. s. 54; Yalk. Prov. 954; a. e.Part. pass. קָשוּר; f. קְשוּרָה Y.Nidd.I, 49b top אילו יהושע שהיה ק׳ למשהוכ׳ a Joshua who was tied to Moses (his constant attendant) could not have spoken so (that Moses had not said a certain thing), and he says so (of R. Jeremiah)? Erub.II, 1 קְשוּרוֹת, v. נָתַר. Y.Yeb.XVI, 15d top, v. הֶסְפֵּד; a. e. Pi. קִישֵּׁר same, esp. to fold a document, to write a portion and fold it and have witnesses signed on the fold, and so continue to the end of the document. Y. Gitt. l. c. היה מְקַשֵּׁר ראשון ראשין if he folded up the signatures one by one; a. e.Part. pass. מְקוּשָּׁר. מק׳ (גט) a folded document, opp. פָּשוּט. B. Bath. X, 1 גט פשוט … ומק׳ עדיו אחוריו a plain document has its signatures of witnesses inside, a folded one, on its back. Ib. 160a sq. (ref. to Jer. 32:44) וכתוב … וחתום זה מק׳ ‘and write the deed, this refers to the plain document, ‘and sign, this means the folded document; Y. ib. X, beg.17c (ref. to Jer. ib. 11) את החתום זה המק׳ ואת הגלוי זה הפשוט שבמק׳ ‘the sealed means the folded, ‘and the open means the plain document which goes with the folded. Ib. bot. טופס שטרות מְקוּשָּׁרוֹתוכ׳ such is the formula of folded documents; a. fr. Nif. נִקְשָׁר 1) to be tied. Snh.108b כלב נ׳ the dog was doomed to be tied. 2) to be joined, harden, become knotty. Shebi. III, 1 משיִקָּשֵׁר (Mish. ed. משיקשור, incorr.) when the mathoḳ (v. מָתוֹק II) gets knotty excrescences; (R. S.: when the dung in its juice becomes bound, begins to harden); expl. Y. ib. 34c top משיעשה קשרין קשרין when it gets full of knotty excrescences; ib. מכיון שנקשר בו קשרוכ׳ R. S. to Shebi. l. c. (ed. שנִתְקַשֵּׁר) as soon as the uppermost protuberance is formed, it begins to dry up. Nithpa. נִתְקַשֵּׁר same, to become knotty; to become thick. Y. Shebi. l. c., v. supra. Taan.20a נִתְקַשְּׁרוּ שמיםוכ׳, v. עָב II. Hof. הוּקְשָׁר to be tied, joined. Lev. R. s. 30 יוּקְשְׁרוּ כולם אגודהוכ׳ let all of them be tied together with one band (of brotherhood; Yalk. ib. 651 יֵעָשׂוּ כילןוכ׳).

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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